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 Breaking Roiling Terrain

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Breaking Roiling Terrain Empty
PostSubject: Breaking Roiling Terrain   Breaking Roiling Terrain EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 6:29 pm

I really like the new Worldwake card, Roiling Terrain. But not to the extent of foolishly thinking it is a powerhouse.

That being said, I decided to research what cards had synergy with it and was quite pleased with my results. Each card I felt worked well with it was not only competitive, but matched colors with an already well established archtype..........

Check it:

Hedron Crab
Mind Funeral
Goblin Ruinblaster
Tectonic Edge

Each of these cards are either common or uncommon and every single one of them is at a higher purchase price than "average" commons and uncommons. What does that prove? The basic concept of supply and demand, which translates to all of them being seriously considered competitive and that's enough proof for me to pursue my research.......

Those cards fall into 3 colors: Blue, Black and Red.

What archtype runs these colors??


I'm being elusive for a reason, because I would like the community to help elaborate on this.

If you were to throw the above cards into a solid Grixis skeleton, do you think it could be viable??

This is nowhere near the janky Blue, Green, Red Ponza deck I was trying to make - As this can fit into an already good deck!!


Hedron Crab:
What more could a mage want from a Hedron Crab?? How about a card that rewards you for what is in a graveyard?

Mind Funeral:
Look at Mind Funeral.
It's a $1.50 to $2.00 uncommon people!! This card is good.
I have been playtesting this card for over a year and it has proven to be a good mill card. Not as good as Glimpse the Unthinkable, but is the closest thing yet printed.

But how much it's milling isn't my focus. Rather look at what it says in the text box:

"Target opponent reveals cards from the top of his/her library until four lands are revealed........"

That translates to at the very minimum of 5 lands, once you cast Roiling Terrain: that's a Stone Rain and Lava Axe for 4 mana folks.

At the very minimum. (Not counting your turn 1 crab Smile)

Still with me???

Hell, I'm not even going to link the card, simply because anyone playing Standard knows what this card is......I hope.

How difficult of a situation does Blightning put you in? There are a lot of instances where you will discard a land, simply to not get rid of actual spells you think you might get to play (Lol)

Jund players: How many times have you seen the opponent discard land? - My point is proven.

Now don't expect and pray to the false gods that they discard lands, because Blightning alone is good: it doesn't matter what they discard. Plain and Simple - it is a 2 for 1.

Goblin Ruinblaster:
Already good and it appears to be getting better. Wake up! Worldwake just gave us a ton of nonbasic lands that are really worth playing! The Ruinblaster is the best LD creature in standard ( I'm sorry Acidic Slime Neutral )
And he even gets better........read on, you'll see.

Tectonic Edge:
Notice the pattern? Excluding Mind Funeral, they're all obviously good cards already being played. This is the conditional Ruinblaster, but really hammers the message home - and no blue mage can do a damn thing about it. (Take it from this Blue Mage, lol)

Good enough? I'm still not sold but lookie here:

Goblin Ruinblaster and Tectonic Edge + Grim Discovery = Twisted Evil

Wouldn't you agree? That's recurring Land Destruction in mass quantities!!


Without giving #'s, I'm simply going to list these cards in a decklist and then follow with what cards are already found in competitive Grixis builds. It's up to us all to tweak the numbers and go from there.

hedron crab
goblin ruinblaster

grim discovery
mind funeral
roiling terrain

tectonic edge

Throw in some Mind Sculptors (which work really well with Goblin Ruinblaster), Earthquakes, Cruel Ultimatums and whatever else they deem worthy and I think we may be onto something....

Engage if you wanna.
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Breaking Roiling Terrain
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