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 Green/White Scute Mob Deck

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The Deal


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PostSubject: Green/White Scute Mob Deck   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:31 pm

Green & White- Scute Mob (Standard) 12-14-09 Revised 1-18-10

Creatures 18
4x Scute Mob G
2x Ranger of Eos 3W
4x Orcale of Mul Day 3G
4x Emeria Angel 2WW
4x Baneslayer Angel 3WW

Instants 12
4x Path to Exile W
4x Vines of Vastwood G
4x Harrow 2G

Sorcery 4
4x Rampant Growth 1G

Artifacts 2
2x Whispersilk Cloak 3

Total Lands 24

8x Basic Forest
8x Basic Plains
4x Sunpetal Grove-Plains/Forest
4x Terramorphic Expanse


3x Fog G
3x Blazing Torch 1
3x Celestial Purge 1W
4x Oblivion Ring 1W
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Crooked Lotus


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PostSubject: Re: Green/White Scute Mob Deck   Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:05 pm

This seems to have a lot going on. It looks like you are trying to maximize the effect of Scute Mob and Emeria Angel, through mana acceleration. I like it. Let me see if I can suggest a thing or two.

First you have 2 Rangers in the main deck but your only target is the Scute Mob. In my opinion that is not enough to justify running main deck Rangers. I know the Rangers act as Scute Mobs #'s 5-6, but you're not maximining Ranger's full use. You still have that link I sent you that shows all of Standard's 1 casting cost creatures?

Here's my list of good Ranger options (for Green and White).

Arbor Elf
Birds of Paradise
Hada Freeblade
Loam Lion

Noble Hierarch
Protean Hydra
Scythe Tiger
Soul Warden
Steppe Lynx
Wild Nacatl

Note that there are a few new Worldwake cards in there. Mainly LOAM LION.
This is the guy for your deck: the white Kird Ape. He's your one drop much like the Elite Vanguard in your mono white deck, but his defense is THREE: a HUGE difference. I'd start by adding him, but what to drop? I'd drop 1 Oracle, 1 Emeria Angel and both of the Whispersilk Cloaks.

This gives you a list of.....

4x scute mob
4x loam lion
2x ranger of eos
3x oracle of mul daya
3x emeria angel
4x baneslayer angel

4x path to exile
4x vines of vastwood
4x harrow

4x rampant growth

3x sunpetal grove
4x terramorphic expanse
2x stirring wildwood
7x plains
8x forest

I also added 2 of the Green White man-lands, because they are so damn good (IMO). If you want an equipment to play, there is no better for the Green and White combination than Behemoth Sledge. It doesn't give shroud or unblockable, but strangely it is still better. It may not make sense but I promise you it's true.

The sideboard needs some work. I don't think Blazing Torch is a card that's going to make the cut: ever.
It is a very narrow card and you have better options for the colors you are running.

The Oblivion Rings are a good start and I would go with a set of 4 as well.

I'm not sold on the Fogs. Again, if you're insistent on running a fog effect, then run Angelsong because it's just better.

A card I would consider is Nature's Spiral. If you're not familiar with it, here's a quick FYI:

Nature's Spiral

Return target permanent card from your graveyard to your hand.

It's a very good recursion card and can help to answer decks with alot of removal,control or discard.
Here's what it can do for you:
Get double duty out of Rangers by chump blocking when you have Nature's Spiral in your hand.
Scute Mob, Orcale of Mul Daya, Emeria Angel and Baneslayer Angel are all going to have huge targets on their heads, so this can get any of them back!
After game 1, it can also get back Oblivion Rings that your opponent may have 'dealt' with......but not for long now.

So here's a sideboard suggestion:

4x kor firewalker
4x celestial purge
3x nature's spiral
4x oblivion ring

One more thing. I got to thinking about how much you like the Whispersilk Cloak and it made me think of the new card Canopy Cover. This is the card you have been looking for. It gives your creature super shroud (which is better than Cloak), it can only be blocked by fliers (not as good as Unblockable, but it's still evasion), and finally it only costs 2 mana (compared to Cloak that costs 5 mana total to cast and equip). If you still have the urge to give your guys shroud and evasion, then go with Canopy Cover instead.

I hope you find this insightful in some way......or at least entertaining.

Let me know what direction you go with on the deck.
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Green/White Scute Mob Deck
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