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 Is Wizards planning on making EDH an official sanctioned format?

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Is Wizards planning on making EDH an official sanctioned format? Empty
PostSubject: Is Wizards planning on making EDH an official sanctioned format?   Is Wizards planning on making EDH an official sanctioned format? EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 1:02 pm

Earlier this year, Aaron Forsythe (Head Director for Magic) posted an article about the successes of 2009 and what was coming up for the year 2010. It's a great article. If you have the time click here to see it in it's entirety.

Anyway, as I was reading what was to come in the new year, I was intruiged by one tiny sentence....

(From Aaron Forsythe)
There's another classic "planeswalker vs. planeswalker" Duel Decks coming up this fall.

We'll be rolling out some new products, such as the Deck Builder's Toolkit and a paper product based on Duels of the Planeswalkers.

This year will feature a summer full of great multiplayer events and activities, headlined by a new format/product that rivals Planechase in sheer awesomeness.

The popular From the Vault series continues this summer, with an additional dose of shiny available in the form of the Shards of Alara Block All-Foil Booster on shelves this Friday.

The Legacy format will debut on Magic Online (albeit a few cards short, for the time being, of the paper format).

And we'll be making sets, too! Worldwake, Rise of the Eldrazi, the 2011 core set, Masters Edition IV (for Magic Online), and the large fall set codenamed "Lights" will build on all that is right with Magic.

One of the rules changes we made for Magic 2010 will be tweaked ever-so-slightly for the next core set.

BOOM. There is was. Did you see it? No, the "ever-so-slightly" rules change is notable, but it was that whole "...a new Format...." line.

Can this be indication of Wizards officially making EDH a sanctioned, competitive format? Notice how the sentance starts with "....a summer of great multiplayer events....."
EDH is largely considered to be a multiplayer format, but there are those who play head to head.

And we can rule out it being a Planechase format, because he says this new format rivals Planechase. I can't think of any other possibility.

The evidence is there. Players, both competitive and casual, have embraced EDH. Magic's R&D have reported that it's a popular format they play among themselves. Even Ken Nagle has claimed to be an EDH fanatic, so I'm just connecting the dots here.

This would be awesome!

Does anybody else think that EDH is soon to be an official sanctioned format?
If not, what possible format do you think it could be?
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Is Wizards planning on making EDH an official sanctioned format?
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