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 Worldwake Checklist for Standard

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PostSubject: Worldwake Checklist for Standard   Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:56 pm

{EDITOR'S NOTE: I was unable to completely finish this and will have the rest posted as soon as I can.}

When a new set is released, it should be mandatory to begin a checklist for what new cards to get.

Actually, you should have 3 checklists:
1 for Legacy
1 for Extended
1 for Standard

Standard is the youngest format that has an ever changing metagame. Today's unplayables may become tomorrow's staples. Of all 3 checklists you should have, Standard will always be the biggest.
I am going to try and list what new cards in Worldwake may have tournament applications in Standard. If you see anything I missed or have any suggestions, feel free to post them.



Hada Freeblade - Yeah he's a narrow card, but in conjuntion with Kazandu Blademaster and some other playable allies, he may find a home. I don't see him going in anything else though.

Kor Firewalker - This guy is on all 3 checklists, all for the same reasons. He simply shuts down red based decks. There really needs to be nothing added to a card so obviously powerful. I've also designed a deck around pro red creatures that uses red sweepers to keep all but your creatures off the board. Check it out.

Loam Lion - Zoo isn't really a force in Standard right now, but a 2/3 one drop will never be unplayable. Maybe in an aggressive Bant build where the Lion comes down turn 1, Noble Hierach comes down on turn 2 and you're swinging in with a 3/4! That's solid my friend.

Perimeter Captain - If you're not playing control, this isn't the creature for you.
I think this guy is good enough to see some play. Yeah, he dies to removal like 97% of all creatures in this game, but you're only investing 1 mana. See that toughness? Lightning Bolt proof and can shake off some early attacks against aggressive decks. Plus gains you 2 life whenever it blocks!? All for 1 mana? Believe it or not, Wall of Denial just got better - as if that were even possible. I expect this be found in control decks that run White mana. At the very least, he will be tested.

Rest for the Weary - I keep picturing "No Rest for the Wicked" and how these card's names are complete opposites.......Anyway, Sunspring Expedition is already seeing play in Jacerator and W,x control variants, so I think this may find a use in those decks. The argument with Sunspring Expediton was that it was a terrible top deck. Rest for the Weary lessens that fact (you'll still need a land to enter the battlefield to get it's full effect). Also, it may seem strictly better than Sunspring, but I've had some experience playing the Expedition and I think that Sunspring Expedition may still be better. Why? First the mana cost of 1 is very easy for the control player to drop it on turn 1 and never have to worry about investing any more mana into it. This is good, because after turns 1 and 2 it is sometimes critical to have Angelsong or Safe Passage mana open. Second there will be some instances where you will have to choose whether to play Rest OR a fog effect. You won't always have the option to do both, and that can be critical for these types of decks. Third, getting the 8 life at instant speed requires a land drop for the turn: something these decks don't typically do on the opponent's turn. Sunspring can be popped whenever, without any more investments. That's just how I feel about this one. But let the testing prove it's worth.

Stoneforge Mystic - Yet another card that does nothing by itself. However it is a tutor, and that can be very powerful in Standard, due to the lack of good tutors in the format. The isn't any equipment on the level of Jitte, but we do have quite a few good ones to choose from. It has a lot of support cards like Arnament Master, Kitesail Apprentice, Kor Duelist, and Kor Outfitter, so the possibilty is there to build a deck around it. White is a very powerful color right now, so who knows what it's future holds.


Aether Tradewinds - A utility card that has a possible drawback. I say possible because in the right build this could actually be an added benefit, by returning anything that has an enter the battlefield ability. Also worth noting, it's bounces ANY permanent. Meaning Lands. There aren't alot of ways to effeciently get lands in the current standard, and this card can. It's not format defining, but is a great utility card for spell slingers with access to blue mana.

Calcite Snapper - Yet another creature for the control mages, and god knows they're needed. Standard is so full of aggressive creature decks, so it's good to see a few creatures that can slow them down. He's got shroud and that magic defense (4), so on paper he's worth testing. I like the fact you can drop him down turn 3 and have a blocker for your turn 4 planeswalker (new Jace!). Not sure how good as of yet, but testing determines all....plus he's a turtle dude!

Dispel - Believe it or not, I'll say that there is better counter magic in standard than this. It's good, don't get me wrong but it's too conditional. Negate is purely better, besides the +1 mana it costs.
It won't make the cut unless every deck in standard becomes instant based.....not gonna happen.

Halimar Excavator - I only bring this creature up, because it is good - and only good - in a solid ally deck. In conjunction with Jwari Shapshifter, you may be able to get some serious milling done. Plus it's a Kev Walker picture, meaning that it's got to be solid. Wink

Horizon Drake - "Oh it's a 3 power flyer for 3 mana and has protection from man lands!" But "Oh, it has a 1 toughness......" Next!

Jace, the Mind Sculptor - Do I really need to give this guy props? I'll let his current price do the talking for now. Just one thing: Either play with him or be prepared on how to deal with him.

Mysteries of the Deep - There are very few instances where a weak card may still be considered worth competitive play, and instant speed card drawing is one of them. It's manacost is horrible, forcing you to almost actually play this with the intentions using the Landfall mechanic. I wouldn't even put this up as worthy if Divination wasn't seeing play. I believe that due to it's mana cost, this may be ran as a 1 or 2 of for control decks looking to gas up their hand at their opponent's end step. It will probably see play sometime, but not as a 4 of.

Spell Contortion - Is it overhyped? Yes. Is it unplayable? No.
This is yet another soft counter spell in which blue mages worldwide will be trying out. And I feel that it's gonna see some play. At a manacost of 3, it's at the most expensive it can be before considered unplayable. If the opponent taps out - it gets it. This will force opponents to consider having 2 mana open, should they need to resolve a critical spell, and that's exactly what control wants. It will buy the time needed to get the blue mage 'online' for whatever they're intending to do. And that's not even counting the kicker part of it! Late game this will lose it's potentcy but opens up the opportunity to draw some much needed answers.
So it's kind of two fold:
The early game it counters, but no card draw.
The late game it draws, but dosn't ensure the counter.
Regardless, it is a well designed card that has 'Counter Target Spell' in it's text box. It will see play, but the question is how many copies to run.

Treasure Hunt - I have been playtesting this card and all the hype it's been getting is justified. This may not look like much, but it's going to be played. At the very least you get 1 card for 2 mana, and that sucks. But after that things just keep getting better. Now granted no matter how many cards you draw, only 1 of them is going to be a nonland, and that may still seem weak and I agree that it is. But alot of slower decks (control) love to know that they're getting a land (or two) plus some kind of answer all for 2 mana. I don't think it's going to be a 4 of for every deck running blue, but I know that it's going to be played at least as a 2 of. Plus it has great synergy with Ponder, Jace the Mind Sculptor and what I believe to be the best card in the set.....

Wind Zendikon - I think that out of all the Zendikon Auras, this is the best one. A 2/2 flyer for 1 mana is very solid. It feels risky trying to play this on your lands, knowing that Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile are now Stone Rains. Most auras are worthless because they provide a 2 for 1 card advantage in the opponent's favor, but getting back your land makes it a 1 for 1. Technically you will still be losing tempo, but there is alot you can do with this 1 mana spell. You can use these on the opponent's lands, making YOUR creature removal turn into land destruction - yes they get the land back, but they can only play 1 land a turn, thus creating a tempo effect. Second, using this on your Fetchland gives you double the fetching! Just look at it like this:

Wind Zendikon
Enchantment - Aura

Enchant Fetchland
Enchanted Fetchland is a 2/2 blue Elemental creature with flying. It’s still a Fetchland.
When enchanted Fetchland is put into a graveyard after you cracked it, return that Fetchland to its owner’s hand to be repeated.

And that's manafixing all for just 1 Blue Mana. Again it's Blue Mana Fixing. Nuff' said.


Abyssal Persecutor - This dude is good and will see some play. The drawback is easy to get around if you know your rules: Attack with him, damage goes on the stack and then respond with a way to get rid of him and that's game. There isn't alot that can stop him, except Baneslayer, Wall of Denial, Terminate, Path to Exile, Day of Judgment, Devout Lightcaster, Celestial Purge.....oh wait, he's supposed to be good right?
So yeah, believe it or not he will still be played, but not by me.

Kalastria Highborn - This will be used in one place only: the Vampire deck. It's too good not to use in that deck, but every other deck in Standard will have to get ready for this. It makes your creature removal look like a joke, and Bloodghast just got better. It will be played...........in the Vamp deck and nowhere else.

Mire's Toll - This is a good discard spell for swamp heavy decks. The problem is that decks running Swamps are using Mind Sludge. You play Mind Sludge on turn 5, and they discard 5. You play this turn 5, they reveal 5 cards and discard 1 of them. Not the same. However, this may work for a two colored deck that has Swamps in it. If you only have 2-4 swamps in play, this is still very good for 1 mana. Also last but not least: it says 'Target Player', so the Reanimator in me wants to do some testing with this and Marshal's Anthem....

Pulse Tracker - This is a solid little dude. He's fighting with Vampire Lacerator for the 1 drop slot, but he may be just as good in something not relying on the Vampire tribe. Maybe Black/Red aggro? The guaranteed loss of 1 life is nothing to scoff at. And he's fetchable with Mr. Ranger of Eos (for White versions). Borderline playable, but at least worth testing in aggressive builds.

Quest for the Nihil Stone - A very narrow card, but has the right attributes to possibly be good. It will be tested and probably not to much success. It's simple: you put a ton of discard spells and this in a deck and see what happens. This will need to be thoroughly tested before it can be rated, but it's either going to be a big hit or a big miss.

Smother - Playable. This will be played in alot of decks that have access to Black mana. It can kill other black creatures - something black isn't very big on doing - which is basically every creature in the Vampire deck except Nocturnis and Bloodwitch. Everything in Boros, except the Ranger, is going to eat this spell. And alot of Jund's creatures, not Bloodbraid, will also be facing it. The evidence is there: it's a creature heavy enviroment and this kills creatures - and efficiently too.

So what else is it going to stop?

Ball Lightning
Birds of Paradise
Black Knight
Bloodghast (ha!)
Elite Vanguard
Elvish Archdruid
Elvish Visionary
Gatekeeper of Malakir
Goblin Bushwhacker
Goblin Chieftain
Goblin Guide
Goblin Ruinblaster
Hedron Crab
Hell's Thunder
Hellspark Elemental
Hypnotic Specter
Jhessian Infiltrator
Kazandu Blademaster
Knight of the Reliquary
Knight of the White Orchid
Kor Skyfisher
Lotus Cobra
Meddling Mage
Noble Hierarch
Plated Geopede
Putrid Leech
Qusali Pridemage
Rhox War Monk
Scute Mob
Sedraxis Specter
Sprouting Thrinax
Steppe Lynx
Steward of Valeron
Tidehollow Sculler
Vampire Hexmage
Vampire Lacerator
Vampire Nighthawk
Warren Instigator
Wooly Thoctar

...and that's not even counting Worldwake! That is alot of relevent creatures that this 2 mana instant will take down. Again, this is very playable.

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Worldwake Checklist for Standard
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