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 Worldwake Checklist for Extended

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Crooked Lotus

Crooked Lotus

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PostSubject: Worldwake Checklist for Extended   Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:16 pm

When a new set is released, it should be mandatory to begin a checklist for what new cards to get.

Actually, you should have 3 checklists:
1 for Legacy
1 for Extended
1 for Standard

I've haven't played Extended in awhile but I am going to try and list what new cards in Worldwake may have tournament applications in Extended. If you see anything I missed or have any suggestions, feel free to post them.



Kor Firewalker - There aren't alot of Extended decks running around where this creature may be an obvious inclusion, but the fact that he can completely shut down All in Red or other aggressive Red strategies is too good to pass up. Maybe in Zoo?

Loam Lion - Zoo. Zoo. Zoo. This gives you Kird Apes #'s 5-8. This guy is obvious IMO.

Perimeter Captain - I know what you're thinking: "What the hell is he thinking?" Well I'm glad you asked. I'll just give you a list of playable creatures with defender that have all seen tournament play. Then I'll let the fact that you gain 2 life whenever one of them blocks sink in. Then I'll let you agree with me.

Extended's Best Defenders:
Carven Caryatid
Drift of Phantasms
Order of the Stars
Souls of the Faultless
Steel Wall
Traproot Kami
Wall of Denial
Wall of Reverence
Wall of Roots

But in all honesty, if I'm wrong anywhere, it's probably with this one.

Stoneforge Mystic - This will be known as the "Jitte Fetcher" and will see play in aggressive creature builds that have access to white mana. I'm calling this one.

Dispel - A conditional side board answer to combat those annoying Faeries.......or maybe this is a tool FOR the Faeries?

Jace, the Mind Sculptor - I don't know what he's going to go in, but believe me, he's too good to pass up. Maybe some type of Gifts deck that can utilize him?


Abyssal Persecutor - In Extended there are alot more ways to get rid of your own creatures than what Standard can offer. He's a huge beatstick that puts a solid clock on the opponent. Granted he is narrow, in you must have another card to make him worth it. I just don't know what deck needs him.

Smother - It was good before, and the same still holds true. Good at popping Dark Confidants and Magus of the Moon, but I'm not sure it's efficient enough when compared to other removal spells. Thoughts?

Ricochet Trap - Like in Legacy, blue is heavily played in Extended as well. This puts a damper on Cryptic Command, Electrolyze, any Counterspell, oh and Faeries, Faeries, Faeries. This will find a home in some sideboard.


Arbor Elf - Elfball welcomes you. See you later Boreal Druid.

Explore - Scapeshift may have a place for this card, or maybe in Seismic Assualt builds. I don't forsee it going into anything else at the moment.

Nature's Claim - This is a great utility card. Destroy their Thopter Foundry with no fears. Hell they were probably already gaining life anyway, so why not give them a few more? Solid and will see play.
It's also worth noting that it has a very efficient cost, making it easy to slip in under Faeries' radar when you go to bust their Bitterblossom. Oh and it's a Jitte killer! It just keeps getting better, so good in fact that I've already forgotten about the 4 life they will gain.


Amulet of Vigor - This is a great card, but I don't see anything in Extended that would truly benefit from it. The closest thing I can find is getting all of your lands to enter play untapped after a resolved Scapeshift: that's good.

Basilisk Collar - Creature heavy decks may consider this as an option. The problem is that it's not a bad card; it's very good in fact. But it's when compared to the best equipment ever printed (Jitte), that it loses the vote. But it can be fetched by Trinket Mage, which gives you more use out of him when you can equip this, which gives you the potential to gain life and/or kill a creature - much like the Jitte does. It's nowhere near Jitte good, but again it's a 1 mana equipment that does multiple things.

Everflowing Chalice - I note this not for it's apparent use in a deck, but rather the synergy it has with already existing cards found in Extended's top decks. Like no life loss from Dark Confidant and is fetchable by Trinket Mage. It's a conditional mana accelerator, so it's not going to break this format, but it's still good to keep on your radars for future use.

Hammer of Ruin - This card would be completely worthless if Umezawa's Jitte didn't exist. That would be it's only real use however. So, 90% of the time it's worthless, but when it's the other 10%, you will feel like you just cheated the opponent. Conditional Sideboard card at best.


Bojuka Bog - Yeah we know already, it's a Dredge hoser. But that's about it. Sideboard worthy.

Dual Manlands - All are playable, ranging from barely good to unbelievably kick ass. Maybe Creeping Tar Pits for the Dark Depths or Faeries deck? Celestial Colonnade for Thopter/Sword? We're going to see these play sometime in the near future. Count on it.

Halimar Depths - Scapeshift may find a use for this card. Smoothing out their draws and assisting in digging for that key combo piece. It's a deck focused on lands, where else would you find it?

Tectonic Edge - Extended loves it's non basic lands. Wasteland isn't playable in the format, but a lot of players run Ghost Quarter for destroying problematic lands (like Dark Depths & Valakut). The problem with relying on this to destroy Dark Depths, is the 4 or more land requirement. A lot of times Dark Depths can combo out before they even hit their 4th land drop. But it's still a good answer for other decks that rely on nonbasics (almost every deck in the format runs nonbasics). This will see play.


And there you have it. I feel pretty confident about the majority of these choices, but I would love to hear some feedback on what to add to the list or what to take off.

Share you thoughts on what you think Worldwake has to offer the Extended format.

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The Deal

The Deal

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PostSubject: Mono Red   Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:11 pm

Sean convinced me to build a Extended Mono Red Deck for cheap. I guess I should, Mono Red seems to fit me. Aggressive and Intense.
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Crooked Lotus

Crooked Lotus

Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-01-19
Age : 108
Location : The Maelstrom, just across from KFC

PostSubject: Re: Worldwake Checklist for Extended   Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:59 am

You should post up your decklist for it. In the proper thread, of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Worldwake Checklist for Extended   

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Worldwake Checklist for Extended
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