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 Worldwake checklist for Legacy

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Worldwake checklist for Legacy Empty
PostSubject: Worldwake checklist for Legacy   Worldwake checklist for Legacy EmptyTue Feb 02, 2010 5:58 pm

When a new set is released, it should be mandatory to begin a checklist for what new cards to get.

Actually, you should have 3 checklists:
1 for Legacy
1 for Extended
1 for Standard

I'm no Legacy player but I am going to try and list what new cards in Worldwake may have tournament applications in Legacy. If you see anything I missed or have any suggestions, feel free to post them.



Kor Firewalker - A great sideboard answer to Goblins and Sligh. He could find a home in creature heavy decks that may have problems with Red, such as Zoo or Fish. He's just too good to pass up IMO.

Loam Lion - This guy fits right into Zoo decks, specifically the Naya Zoo deck. They already run 4 Kird Apes, so I don't see why they wouldn't include it's white version.

Terra Eternal - This could find a home in the "Insert # here" Land deck. The entire deck is themed toward winning and controlling the game through lands. What better card could you ask for? It's also at an efficient mana cost of 3. I may be way off on this one, but the possibility is there.


Dispel - There are alot of good instants used in Legacy. Like Force of Will, Spell Snare, Brainstorm, Swords to Plowshares, Daze, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, Path to Exile, Fire/Ice, Stifle, Intuition, Dark Ritual, Mystical Tutor, Fireblast, Blue and Red Elemental Blast.........I could keep going, but I think the evidence is apparent.

Sejiri Merfolk - Fish is primarily a mono blue deck, but there are builds that have a Blue/White variation. This creature could easily be included in that build. 2 power, first strike and lifelink is a great deal all for 2 mana. A solid card.

Thada Adel, Aquisitor - Yet another good creature for the Fish deck. She has islandwalk, which is a heavily played basic land in Legacy(dual lands that are Islands count too!), so that will increase her chances of being unblocked. And then you have her ability which can steal an artifact out of the opponent's deck and you may cast it for free! Okay, do you know how many bad ass artifacts are played in Legacy? Some of the most powerful artifacts ever printed in this game (short of Power 9) are played in Legacy. Stealing an opponents Aether Vial or Mox Diamond is cute, but the real threat she poses is against combo decks and control decks that rely on artifacts to win. Like Sensei's Divining Top, Goblin Charbelcher, Engineered Explosives, Chalice of the Void, Grindstone/Painter's Servant, Isochron Scepter and on and on. I have no doubt that this will see play.

Treasure Hunt - I only bring this card up because it seems like an obvious inclusion for the Land deck. Pay 2 mana to draw half your deck? Okay, sign me up. I don't think it will see play in any other decks, but Legacy is a diverse format, so who knows.


Death's Shadow - If this creature is going to work anywhere, it's going to be in Legacy, where life totals can drop quick and alot of tools are used that require life loss (Force of Will, Ad Nauseum, Dark Confidant, Fetchlands, Ravnica Shock lands, etc.). A black 1 drop that can even out grow Tarmogoyf is something to consider. If he does see play, then Swords to Plowshares just got even better.....if that was even possible! You remove their Death's Shadow AND increase their lifetotal making the next Death's Shadow weaker. Just keep that in the memory banks for future reference.

Quest for the Nihil Stone - Legacy has all of the best discard spells ever printed. Like Hymn to Tourach, Unmask, Thoughtsieze, Cabal Therapy. If this narrow card can find a home, I believe it will be in Legacy. And if Legacy proves that it can't be done, then don't count on it working in other formats.
It's mana cost is very efficient and the discard element you'll need to win also helps to protect itself. It's not a definite, but seems at least worth testing.


Bazaar Trader - I can't put my finger on it yet, but this little goblin has alot of options in Legacy. It's nowhere near Donate, but is in the same vein. Do not underestimate a powerfully narrow card in the hands of a Legacy player. If it can be broken, Legacy or Vintage is the place. I don't see any current decks he could fit in, but he seems more like a card to be build around. Pick a set or three up now while they're at jank prices.

Dragonmaster Outcast - Mono Red already has the Goblin tribe to represent, but this may be good in something other than mono red. Maybe in Zoo? The problem is that in Legacy getting to 6 lands sometimes just doesn't happen......excluding the Land deck. Hey! Maybe he can find a home there?

Quest for the Goblin Lord - Goblins can use this. Between Aether Vial and Goblin Lackey, this can get online quick. Giving all of your team +2/+0 for 1 mana is damn good. I think it will be tested in Goblins and if successful, it will be ran as a 1-2 of.

Ricochet Trap - This will be used in any sideboard that has access to red mana. Blue is everywhere in Legacy and to pay 1 mana to redirect Force of Will or Spell Snare is good. This will be considered for sideboards that already run Red Elemental Blast.


Arbor Elf - Expect this to go in Elf decks, replacing probably Boreal Druid or Llanowar Elves. It is pseudo acceleration with the added benefit of untapping Tropical Island, Savannah, Misty Rainforest, Bayou, Taiga...oh and Forests. Good stuff.

Explore - I think this can work for the Land deck. It has great synergy with Life from the Loam, by letting you play an extra land and drawing a card which can trigger the Dredge effect. It's worth considering at least.

Nature's Claim - A 1 mana Naturalize will be played. In Legacy the 'drawback' of your opponent gaining 4 life is well worth the trade of busting their Survival of the Fittest, Engineered Explosives, Goblin Charbelcher, Aether Vial, Chalice of the Void (if it's not set to 1), Smokestack, Counterbalance (if the Top isn't out yet), and tons more. I'm 100% sure it will see play.

Testradon - Don't laugh just yet. If any format has a serious Reanimator deck - it's in Legacy. Angel of Despair is a straight up Vindicate, but getting to bust 3 or your opponent's lands/artifacts/enchantments is a damn good play. Nevermind the 'drawback', where 3 3/3's aren't as imposing as what you just destroyed. It's a long shot, but he may be a singleton answer for Oath of Druids, Survival of the Fittest or some Reanimator variant. But just a singleton.


Amulet of Vigor - This will see play in some type of combo deck that takes advantage of untapping Ravnica bounce lands or Mercadian Masque depletion lands. It's an artifact. It costs 1 mana. Look, the majority of lands that enter the battlefield tapped would just be too good if they didn't come in tapped, and this little bugger just bypasses that entirely. The real question is what deck will welcome it?????

Everflowing Chalice - Never underestimate a 0 costing artifact that can produce mana. Never. This may fit into decks like Ad Nauseum, Affinity, High Tide Combo. It's not as good as what they are already running however, so it may not make the cut. It's good, but not when compared to other 0 costing artifacts that make mana.

Lodestone Golem - This is gonna see some play I do believe. It is a griefer card, which is exactly the kind you need in the Legacy format. Affinity may welcome it or a prison deck like Trinistax. It also has Juggernaut stats, making it a decent win condition as well.


Bojuka Bog - This is THE dredge hoser. It can't be countered, it can't be hit by Cabal Therapy, and any deck can play it (technically). This is a great sideboard card to have.

Dual Manlands - I put these all into one lump because they all have the potential to see play. Some may have a better shot than others (like Creeping Tarpit), but any deck running ally colors will cosider it as an option. And yes, these are damn good for the Land deck as well. They're good and that's what Legacy requires: good cards.

Halimar Depths - I think this has the potential. Smoothing out your draws is always a good thing: no matter the format. Possibly for mono Blue Fish or something heavily Blue. It won't be an auto 4 of, but a few should do just fine.

Tectonic Edge - If you want to destroy non basic lands, than Legacy is the format for you. This is Wasteland's little cousin, but looks good enough to join in. Could you imagine running 4 of these AND 4 Wastelands? That's some serious threats that can't be countered (short of Stifle) or easily dealt with. This is going to see play.


And there you have it. I think I'm pretty close on the majority of these, but some input from the group would be nice. What did I miss? What was I waaay off on? Post what you think Worldwake can provide for Legacy.
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Worldwake checklist for Legacy
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