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 Tier 1: Turbofog

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PostSubject: Tier 1: Turbofog   Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:44 am

Sample list...

3 x Jace Beleren

4 x Howling Mine
4 x Font of Mythos

2 x Sunspring Expedition

3 x Day of Judgement
4 x Time Warp

2 x Silence
4 x Negate
4 x Angelsong
4 x Safe Passage
2 x Archive Trap

4 x Glacial Fortress
4 x Kabrina Crossroads
10 x Islands
6 x Plains

4 x Flashfreeze
4 x Spreading Seas
3 x Quest for Ancient Secrets
2 x Pithing Needle
1 x Sunspring Expedition
1 x Day of Judgement

This deck type is great in a heavy creature meta, which we are currently in. Worldwake has quite a few cards that could change this build around and help it's bad match-ups.
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Crooked Lotus

Crooked Lotus

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PostSubject: Re: Tier 1: Turbofog   Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:38 pm

I plan on trying out the following Worldwake cards:

Rest for the Weary - I conjunction with Sunspring Expedition, this could help buy the time needed against fast decks like Boros and Mono Red Aggro. The faster decks are Turbofog's weakness and lifegain is the bane of aggro.

Spell Contortion - Might work in place of Negate or Flashfreeze. But the problem I see is that in the late game (and trust me, this deck can have a very late game) your chances of countering something are far less because by then they have an abundant amount of mana. Yes, you may be able to kick the spell several times, but who needs more draw in a deck with Howling Mine, Font of Mythos and Jace Beleren?

Everflowing Chalice - I tried Fieldmist Borderposts, with little to gain. I'm not sure this deck really needs to accelerate in mana. And even if you did, you wouldn't want to cast it kicked until the mid to late game, because the first 4 or so turns are dedicated to setting up your engine and keeping fog mana open.

Pilgrim's Eye - This could be useful. It comes down early and can provide a block for Jace. It ensures you have your 4th land drop for Day of Judgment or Font of Mythos, all for 3 colorless mana. Who cares if he's Wrathed away: he already did his job when he entered the battlefield. It's at least something to consider when up against a fast metagame.

Celestial Colonnade - Yes, yes, yes. Gargoyle Castle was weak in testing, but this could do so much more. Early game it's a great mana fixer and in the late game it can act as an alternate win condition or a reliable body for protecting Jace. This is the first card I'm testing in my Turbofog!

Halamir Depths - Looks good, but I'm concerned with having too many non basic lands, especially after including the Colonnade. I want to make sure I have Glacial Fortress coming into play untapped. Plus it already runs the lifegain Crossroads, so I'm worried about having too many 'enters the battlefield tapped' lands.
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Tier 1: Turbofog
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