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 Blue White Control - Post Worldwake

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PostSubject: Blue White Control - Post Worldwake   Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:23 pm

I'm really excited about what Worldwake has given the control mages of the world.
Here is a basic Blue and White control skeleton with some new control elements that Worldwake offers.
I've added new Planeswalkers, Creatures, Instants and Lands - making this something entirely new.
This is the first deck list I came up with that I am going to proxy and play test.
(New cards are in bold)

3x jace the mindsculptor

4x perimeter captain
4x wall of denial
3x sphinx of jwar isle

4x spreading seas
2x mind control

2x mind spring

4x path to exile
4x negate
4x spell contortion

1x quicksand
3x halimar depths
2x celestial colonnade

4x glacial fortress
8x island
8x plains

4x tectonic edge
4x celestial purge
3x oblivion ring
3x day of judgment
1x elspeth, knight-errant


It's really hard to say exactly what it will do until I've had sufficient play testing, but the new cards are filling traditional roles that are found in a control deck.

The new Jace fills the roles of quality card drawing and bouncing creatures.

The new Perimeter Captain is a mana-efficient creature that can come down early to defend Jace and your life total. He also has good synergy with the already awesome Wall of Denial, letting you gain 2 life whenever any of your creatures with Defender block.

The classic "Jwar Sphinx win condition" still applies......hey if it works, use it!

Spreading Seas provides early mana disruption and draws you a card. Mind Controls steal their mid and late game threats.

Mind Spring is your only real card drawer, but refills your hand in the critical mid to late game.

Path to Exile is the best removal in the format and is an auto-include.

Negate counters anything but a creature (or land), and has already been proven invaluable.

The new Spell Contortion is what may carry alot of the load for this deck. We finally have an easy to cast counter that can hit any type of spell. It is at a critical mana slot in the deck as well (3), only fighting for space against Wall of Denial.

And then there are the lands........

Halimar Depths are really spells disguised as lands. They are a great 1 drop, setting up your next 3 turns. Also has excellent synergy with the new Jace!

Celestial Colonnade are really win conditions #'s 4 and 5, all while smoothing out the mana. With some counter mana backed up, this land could win alone. Also works great with Day of Judgment (in the Sideboard), leaving you with a creature but not them.

The single Quicksand is not 100% definite, but from my past experiences the Quicksand is a solid answer for more aggressive decks. It may be replaced with another land however.

The sideboard has a variety of answers:

Day of Judgment is the obvious sweeper for creature heavy decks.

Oblivion Ring is a 'soft' answer to anything not land (which Spreading Seas gets the lands!).

Celestial Purge for fast aggro decks that are hard for this type of deck to survive (Vampires, Jund, Boros).

Elspeth is more of a filler card but is no doubt powerful and may provide time to stabalize.

The new Tectonic Edge is for anything an Oblivion Ring can't get: lands. Particularly non-basic lands.
This can destroy problem cards like Emeria, the Sky Ruin and Oran the Vastwood. It can also hinder their tempo in the mid game. This card in conjunction with Spreading Seas is solid.

And that's it.
Like I said, it's kind of hard to accurately gauge how this deck will play, but I plan on giving it a proxy-test at least.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome.
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Blue White Control - Post Worldwake
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