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 Green/White Token/Ally Deck List Revised

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The Deal


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PostSubject: Green/White Token/Ally Deck List Revised   Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:04 pm

S-Green/White - Token/Ally 01/26/10

Creatures 20

4x Hada Freeblade W
4x Harabaz Druid 1G
4x Kazandu Blademaster WW
4x Oran-Rief Survivalist 1G
4x Turntimber Ranger 3GG

Enchantments 4
4x Honor the Pure 1W

Instants 4
4x Join the Ranks 3W

Sorcery 8
4x Conqueror's Pledge 2WW
4x Bestial Menace 3GG

Land 24
8x Basic Plains
6x Basic Forest
4x Khalni Garden
4x Sunpetal Grove
2x Terramorphic Expanse

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Crooked Lotus


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PostSubject: Re: Green/White Token/Ally Deck List Revised   Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:51 pm

First off, it's nice to see some new Worldwake cards being considered for testing Smile

The deck looks like it can produce a lot of creatures all while having an Ally theme to keep up the pressure. If you don't mind, I'll share my thoughts on the deck and can maybe help you with some directions to go.

There are 2 themes that are both fighting for positions in the main deck. For the most part, I believe you can do that with just a few minor card adjustments.

With 16 Ally creatures and 4 instants that make Ally tokens, we can safely say that over half of your deck (20 of 36 non land cards) is Ally based.

12 of the 36 non land cards are token producers. (Join the Ranks is counted for both Allies and Tokens). Of those 12 token producers, 4 have no synergy whatsoever with the rest of the deck: Bestial Menace is not so good here for several reasons. First off, they are not Allies and won't help you trigger Ally abilities. Second, they are all Green creature tokens, meaning that they won't get the Honor of the Pure bonus. I know they can still get the Marshal's Anthem bonus, but I'll get to that card shortly. Third, you don't want to have 8 cards that cost 5 mana, that are doing the same thing (making a lot of tokens). Of the 2, Conqueror's Pledge is just better because it makes more tokens and gets the Honor of the Pure bonus, something you are already familiar with.

As for the new enchantment, Marshal's Anthem: I sincerely believe that this card doesn't belong in this type of deck. It costs twice as much as Honor of the Pure. I know it gives ALL of your creatures a boost, but if you focus on keeping most of your creatures and tokens white, then Honor of the Pure is going to work better. Second, it allows you to bring back dead creatures, but alot of your creature slots are actually spells that produce creatures, so you are getting less value out of Marshal's Anthem. You will only be bringing back a few allies and that may not provide a big enough advantage. You need to remember that it's going to cost you 6 mana to bring back a creature. Most of your creatures are 1 and 2 cost spells, so paying 6 to bring back a 1 or 2 drop isn't that game breaking like a Conqueror's Pledge is.

I'm also not sure about the Khalni Gardens. This is the same as Bestial Menace, they are green non-ally tokens. They will only provide an advantage once you have Marshal's Anthem in play. However I do think another Worldwake land will work better for you.......

Here's my take on the deck:

Green White - Token Allies

4x hada freeblade
4x kazandu blademaster
4x oran-rif survivalist
4x harabaz druid
4x turntimber ranger

4x honor of the pure

4x path to exile
4x join the ranks

4x conqueror's pledge

4x sunpetal grove
4x stirring wildwood
8x plains
8x forest

(New Worldwake cards can be found in bold.)

I didn't change much from your original build. I felt that you needed a small boost towards your ally theme and could use a mana accelerator. Harabaz Druid provides both. She is a 2 drop that can make any color of mana = to the number of allies you control. She is good man.

A magical scenario goes as follows:
Turn 1: Land, Hada Freeblade
Turn 2: Land, Harabaz Druid
Turn 3: Land, tap Harabaz Druid to add 2 white mana, tap your 3 lands for a total of 5 mana and cast Conqueror's Pledge or Turntimber Ranger.

Yeah, that won't come up too many times, but it's definitely noteworthy.

The land to replace Khalni Garden with is definitely Stirring Wildwood. It's a dual land, which smooths your mana in the early game and in the mid to late game it becomes a 3/4 Reach for 3 mana. Did I mention that it is a Green AND white creature? So it gets the Honor of the Pure bonus that the Khalni Garden does not. This land is super good. It may not look like much but the new man-lands are some of the strongest cards in Worldwake. Play test them and let me know what you think.

The Path to Exiles may sound redundant, but it is critical to be competitive. It IS the best removal spell in standard, and nothing else is close, so do yourself a favor and auto include them in most of the decks you make that has white mana access.

I hope that you can find some of this helpful. I think that the ally tribe has a chance to be competitive, but it is going to be a very narrow chance. This looks like a great place to start with it and I hope to see something competitive come out of it.
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Green/White Token/Ally Deck List Revised
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